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 I'm currently teaching with the Westport Writers' Workshop, a nonprofit literary organization based out of Westport CT. Workshops meet via Zoom or in person (or both!) and offerings change seasonally.

I also offer ongoing and rolling Flash or Short Fiction Mentoring Programsand am available to teach curated creative writing, fiction, and life stories workshops remotely or in person for small groups.

Contact me for rates and to learn more at: lizleematthews @ gmail. com 


"I signed up for this writing class with so much fear and trepidation and insecurity. The first time sharing my writing was terrifying! Writing has been something I've wanted to do for so long but just kept resisting.  So I have to tell you what a huge impact this class has had on my life. Being able to put my ideas and creativity out there to helpful and positive people has been such a gift. Thank you for leading this class and for all the wonderful examples and guidance.  This experience opened my eyes and my mind and I am very grateful." -M.B.

"Amazing, mind-blowing class! Thank you so so much! Wow!" -Trish M.

"Thank you for a wonderful class. What amazing writers you attract!" -C.W.

"You inspired me.  Something about your energy made me feel comfortable and loose enough to open up and write for a half hour from deep inside.  I needed that so much. So I thank you." -L.V.  


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