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"You Know Better But I Know You,"  finalist in the spring 2022 Five South Flash Fiction contest

"The Dumb Show" In Little Fiction Big Truths

"Time Machine" in Milk Candy Review

"Alexa" in The Tishman Review

"Venn Diagram" in Storgy

"No-See-Ums" in Spelk


Essays & Rewiews:

Book Review: Boo Trundle's The Daughter Ship in Atticus Review

"The Periphery" in Brevity

"When I Write" in Brain Child

"Keep Donate Discard" in Literary Mama

"Unexpected Stories" in Literary Mama

"Juventud" by Vanessa Blakeslee in The Rumpus


Town & Country

Expats of Fairfield County

Local Holiday Color

Our New Favorite Golf Brands

Why You Should Read: The Rich Kids of Instagram

Book Review: The Knockoff

Book Review: Nine Women, One Dress

Six Books to Read If You're Obsessed with Charles Manson

Book Review: Nutshell 

Stories & Essays

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